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123Movies is one of the most popular free streaming sites in the world and even if it's visited by hundreds of thousands of people everyday, not so many of them know the most important informations about this website. If you want to take a break from watching movies online on our website and you have a few minutes to read our article, you will understand better how 123Movies works, why we've created this website, what happened in the past years of activity in the online streaming industry and more curiosities about this platform. It only takes a few minutes so take a look at the following words to find out some things about this free streaming website.

123Movies has more than 10 years of activity in this niche of online streaming and it's one of the oldest websites. We've been through a lot of problems in all these years trying to maintain this website up and running perfectly, without being bothered by the laws, Google's algorithm updates, attacks from the competition, technical problems and other stuff like that. 123Movies website for sure has passed the test of time and it's now trusted by millions of users from all around the world. We've always kept you updated with the latest movies and series and we've never disappointed our visitors.

123Movies is now using a design theme inspired by 123Movies and the interface of the homepage looks pretty similar. We've give up on our old design because it's was old-fashioned and it needed too many updates to adapt it to modern times and make it mobile responsive. By the way, more than half of our visitors are using mobile devices and thanks to this well optimized design, nobody is complaining. 123Movies has been optimized to work perfectly on any devices and our pages are loading faster no matter how good is your internet connection speed.

123Movies currently has one of the biggest collections of movies and series that you've seen on a free streaming site until now. In the past years we've managed to gather under the same roof more than 12.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. This is an impressive amount of content that can be watched for free in HD quality without registration. We always wanted to offer our visitors a big variety of productions to make sure that people from all around the world can find something good to watch on our free streaming platform.

123Movies is a completely legal and safe website. We do not host any video files on our own servers which means this website does not violate any laws. All the movies and shows are uploaded on non-affiliate third party services also known as video hosting platforms and we are only displaying mirrors from that platforms on our website. Thanks to this third party service that has very high quality servers, all our visitors are able to stream and download Full HD movies and shows from 123Movies. We know that many streaming sites are offering low quality content but we really care about the experience of our visitors and we don't want to disappoint them so that's why sometimes we spend hours to find the best possible version, the most qualitative, of a specific movie or episode so you can enjoy your favorite movies online in high quality for free.

123Movies does not require registration in order to watch movies and tv shows here. Because we are a completely free platform and we are never going to ask you for anything in return even if we are offering probably the most qualitative streaming services in the world at this moment, we don't want to make you waste time while creating an account. We don't earn anything if you register so there is no need to do this extra step if it's not necessary. However, the registration process is still open on this website and you can sign-up if you want to joing our community, become a registered member and also benefit of some extra features that are available only for members.

123Movies has a very big database of movies and this thing also requires a well organization of the website. All the movies and shows published on this platform are well structured and organized with many filters, categories and tags. There are special tags for genres, release year, country, network or television, actors, director, stars and more. Also, the movies and shows are sorted on their dedicated pages by criteria like Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite or Top IMDb. Those pages can either help you to easily find the content that you are looking for or they can give you some inspiration when you can't decide what movies to watch today. If you like 123Movies, please don't forget to bookmark the website and share it on your social media accounts.